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(SOLO) (DUET) (ENSEMBLE) (Residence)




Diva Practice is a performance about drag queens dancing with uncertainty, because being fabulous takes practice!

Diva Practice is a three cycle performance and research project investigating the fabulous and conceptual practices of drag and contemporary dance.  Presented in multiple formats through a blending of genres, Diva walks between the worlds of nightlife, dance-theatre and installation. Diva has developed through a series of residencies and performances that make accomplices of the audience and initiate conversation around gender, power and vulnerability. 

Diva Practice (Duet) and (Solo) were developed with financial support from:

RACC 2015/2017, The Oregon Arts Commission 2017

Touring/presenting support from: 

Pelican Bomb Gallery, Space Gallery, New Expressive Works, Caldera Arts, The Headwaters Theatre, Space Gallery Maine, Pelican Bomb, The Lucky Penny. 

DIVA Practice (SOLO)



Diva Practice (Solo) is a dynamic, whimsical and confronting performance about drag queens dancing with uncertainty performed by and choreographed by Pepper Pepper.


Diva Practice (Solo) is a journey into the role of the "soloist" through multi-media projection, dance and drag. Beautifully chaotic and charming, Pepper peels back the psyche and archetype of “diva” in an exploration that is engaging, conceptual and sometimes hysterical.


Diva Practice is a three cycle project having been developed during a tour of residencies through Oregon, Louisiana, Maine, Texas and Georgia, with support from RACC Regional Arts and Culture Council, OAC Oregon Arts Commission Professional Development Fund, Caldera Artist-In-Residence Program, The Lucky Penny Workroom Residency, Pelican Bomb, and SPACE Gallery.




Show dates:


OCT 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th 8pm

Nov 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th 8pm


The Headwaters Theatre is 55 NE Farragut St. in North Portland behind North Portland Yoga.


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DIVA Practice (DUET)


Choreographer and performance artist Pepper Pepper stage dives right into your heart with a new and daring spectacle of dance, glitter and drag. Pepper is accompanied by drag artist and duet partner Mr. E, together they prance, twist and get fabulous to an original score by Cabiria Jones peppered with a mix of pop sensations. D.I.V.A Practice is a performance and research project about being fabulous in the face of uncertainty while questioning the significance of drag and gender in contemporary culture.


After returning from an international trip to Hungary for the Off! Biennale Budapest and hostessing the wildly successful Critical Mascara for PICA’s T:BA festival Pepper Pepper (aka the artist Kaj-anne Pepper) is ready to serve Portland a rigorous and commanding dance drag spectacular.


"Pepper turns tragic into magic and trauma into drama!"


D.I.V.A Practice is proudly supported by RACC the Regional Arts and Culture Council.


Pepper Pepper (Kaj-anne Pepper) is a choreographer, drag artist and MC living in Portland OR. For the last 10 years Pepper has been delighting audiences regionally, nationally and internationally.  Pepper challenges genres with their unique and expressive take on gender, theatre, and performance art.


Mister E (E. Stanley) is a Portland based artist, dancer and Co-Owner/Studio Manager of Lightbox Kulturhaus.


Cabiria Jones is Mickey Pollizatto, a musician, producer, sound collaborator, artist, & event coordinator living in Portland OR

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