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Performance artist Kaj-anne Pepper, videos, pictures, booking and promotion. 


(SOLO) (DUET) (ENSEMBLE) (Residence)


Diva Practice is a performance about drag queens and dancing in the face of uncertainty.

Diva Practice is a three cycle performance and research project investigating "fabulous" as a verb and "special" as a privilege. Presented in multiple formats through a blending of genres, Diva walks between the worlds of nightlife, dance-theatre and installation. Diva has developed through a series of residencies and performances that make accomplices of the audience and initiate conversation around gender, power and vulnerability. 

"Because being fabulous takes practice!"


DIVA SOLO is in development while Pepper Pepper is on tour! 

DIVA PRACTICE (SOLO) 2017 funded in part by RACC The Regional Arts and Culture Council and Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity Grant. 

Support through residencies by Caldera Artist In Residency, The Lucky Penny Atlanta, Pelican Bomb New Orleans, and Reed College Portland OR. 


DIVA PRACTICE (DUET) funded in part by RACC The Regional Arts and Culture Council. 

Diva Practice (Duet) Premier April 2016

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