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Performance artist Kaj-anne Pepper, videos, pictures, booking and promotion. 

Kaj-anne Pepper (Pepper Pepper) is a performance and theatre artist, educator and choreographer. 

Kaj-anne's fabulous drag persona Pepper Pepper is a humorous yet thoughtful gender bending MC and entertainer.

Together they explore vulnerability, artifice and identity while turning tragic into magic and trauma into drama. 

For over a decade Pepper has been a fixture in the PDX nightlife and performance community. S/he started their drag life as a member of the “gender terrorist drag troupe” Sissyboy. Soon thereafter winning Portland “Total Drag Competition and touring to CA, TX, and NYC with drag band The Genderfluids. While incubating what would soon become Ms. Pepper Pepper s/he continued a pursuit in contemporary dance, performing with Linda Austin, Tahni Holt, and Mizu Desierto.

Pepper has premiered new work at festivals, nightclubs and alternative venues including RISK/REWARD, DANCE+, Performance Works Northwest, The Headwater’s Theatre, Austin International Drag Festival, PICA’s T:BA festival and internationally at OFF! Biennale Budapest.

In addition to their theatrical pursuits Pepper stays busy as a MC hosting Dark Night of the Soul (an evening of stand-up tragedy) and Critical Mascara “A Post-Realness Drag Extravaganza” occurring annually at PICA’s T:BA festival to rave reviews.

Pepper’s newest project D.I.V.A PRACTICE is a research project about drag and contemporary performance as a solo, duet and ensemble. D.I.V.A PRACTICE is a performance about queens dancing in the face of uncertainty because being fabulous takes practice. 

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