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Because being fabulous takes practice, and adventure!

Dear Friends,

I am so excited to announce I am making a big leap and transitioning from part time bartender to full time fabulous! The Diva Practice Research Tour is a way for me to expand my work into new environments, build new relationships and dance towards the heart of my Diva Practice.

Starting April 2017 I will be traveling to multiple institutions and cities as an "artist-in-residence" to work on my new solo as well as research the lives and resilience of local drag queens, queer performers and dancers. This tour is not a production tour per-se, as I am not premiering Diva Solo until later this year in Portland OR. This is me taking my studio on the road and dancing in the face of uncertainty. In each city I am pairing up with a local institution to work in their space and engage their community. I will be actively seeking drag gigs and performance opportunities as well. Ultimately I want to come back to PDX full of experience and questions and material to knock your socks off with an outstanding new show as well as the foundation for the next years project Diva Ensemble. 

Locations on tour: 

Center for Contemporary Art. Santa Fe, NM. 

The Lucky Penny. Atlanta, GE. 

Pelican Bomb. New Orleans, LA. 

Reed College, Portland OR. 


With the political climate as it is I can think of no better time for me to deepen my activism, resiliency, and glamour while I turn tragic into magic and trauma into drama. 

This opportunity is made possible by the support of Caldera Arts Artist In Residency Program, Oregon Arts Commission, and Regional Arts and Culture Council. 


PLEASE, if you feel like supporting this project follow the Pay-Pal button below to financially support this DIVA TOUR! 

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