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Performance artist Kaj-anne Pepper, videos, pictures, booking and promotion. 

Pepper the Potter


March 22nd 2017 Pepper Pepper headlined "The Randall Sessions" at NCECA's annual conference in Portland OR.

Pepper the Potter a hilarious drag, video and comedic journey into the world of ceramics through the eyes of Pepper Pepper. As a celebrated has-been "cher-ama-cyst" Pepper re-imagines her life as a drag queen after years of obscurity after winning national acclaim for inventing the "phalla-bong". Pepper lampoons the ceramics community with wit and absurdist humor while providing social commentary on current political dramas all while delivering poor ceramic puns to a loving audience of 4500. 

Artist/Performance: Pepper Pepper
Video: Carla Rossi
Guest Artists: Daniel Granias

Special thanks to Dylan Beck at OCAC, Nicholas Boxwell for video support, and everyone at The Randall Sessions



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